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        Business Process

        The current position:Home > Business Process
        Business Process of Tax-Free Products:

        Business Arrange
        All supply conditioned ocean ships reach Lianyungang port may contact with our co. through their agency or contact us directly and confirm the price , quantity, payment term of tax-free cargoes.
        Apply to Customs & Approve
        Fill in “Declaring Documents of Lading Bonded Cargoes”, after examined & approved by supervising office, customs send supervisor to manage lading.
        Delivery goods to Ship
        After lading the captain signs on “Declaring Documents of Lading Boned Cargoes” & “Commercial Invoice” of our co. and pay off.
        Cargoes Cancel after Verification
        Return the “Subsistence for Customs” to customs after “Declaring Documents of Lading Boned Cargoes” signed by captain.